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Hudie Handbag
Hudie Handbag
Hudie Handbag

Hudie Handbag

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Inspired by the Hudie(butterfly) motif in Lisu (minority nationality) traditional costume. Hudie(butterfly) symbolizes freedom and best wishes. It has symbolic meanings of being a better self and feeling free in Chinese traditional culture.

 The fabric feels like horsehair because we would like to relate the tassels to their daily life. Most ethnic minorities have got special feelings for horses. Horses used to be their daily transportation.


  • Surface fabric contains 72.3% polyacrylonitrile fiber and 27.7% polyester.
  • Inner fabric contains 100% cotton.
  • Acrylic beads

  • Weight: 150g
  • Bag height: 21.5cm
  • Bag width: 19cm
  • Handle height: 9cm
  • Comes in a bag pouch
      Hudie Handbag