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Soft Mountains is founded by Ziwei Longhong in 2017, following her graduation from London College of Fashion. Inspired by her Nuosu background, one of China’s ethnic minorities, the brand is devoted to reinterpreting the Nuosu heritage by merging modern touch with traditional techniques.

The ‘Soft Mountains’ name reflects that where the Nuosu people are living and how their life and culture shaped by nature. It aims to celebrate the indigenous culture while to empower the local indigenous artisans by directly partnering with skilled indigenous artisans. Its commitment is to push the historical narrative forward and translate Chinese ethnic stories subtly for the local community as much as for the global community.

The label is more than a jewelry line, it seeks to create something meaningful and thoughtful that signifying the slow pace and human touch. Meanwhile, people can learn and understand Chinese ethnic minorities’ culture and history in a different way through the products.

Soft Mountains was featured on “VOGUE international” including British Vogue and Business of Fashion, ELLE China as well. In September 2019, soft mountains presented its first exhibition “ The Pieces We Are” showcasing the history and culture of Nuosu people at London’s Arthill Gallery.