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Permanent Vacation

Soft Mountains launches Permanent Vacation Collection for Spring/Summer 2024 

Soft Mountains SS24 was inspired by the full range of emotions. The selected pieces bring genuine luster to rich textures, symbolizing the inherent values that inspire a deep perception in individuals. Our new collection marks the time to take a moment in life, may each piece light up your path in the new coming season.

Pine Blossom and Branches

This collection uniquely features our handcrafted pine blossom patterns, a tribute to the Duisong craftsmanship. These patterns are delicately adorned with little sparkles that subtly add spirit, appearing to gently cascade around the ears and neck. The twining branch craft offers a textured richness to the touch, presenting a dynamic contrast between the densely packed, expressive details and the smooth, neat elegance. 




Spar and Agate

Our curated spar and agate pieces come in an array of blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, Dongling jade, red-veined stone, red agate, and white agate, pays tribute to forms and shapes. The direct touch of each treasure to the skin give a moment to connect with the natural strength. The effort involved in creating each of these pieces wish to bring simplicity and charms to your soothing new year.  

Silver and Pearl

Silver and pearl are the significant selections of Soft Mountains. Our new Soma Blossom-shaped earrings feature double-layered petals with a miniature silhouette crafted from silver-threaded — inspired by the understanding that each petal carries its own memories and a deep love for one’s homeland, celebrating the fundamental values in our natural roots. The handcrafted wooden beads, sourced directly from the forests, bring to mind the infinity of nature. Paired with silky white pearls, gently facet to follow the natural shape, it perfectly blends to enhance the subtle elegance set in the wrist. 

Chain and Tassel

A particular focus of our collection for this season is silver thread – a craft draws from the rich heritage of the Yi artisans, blending solid yet delicate textures into our rings, earrings, and necklaces with a modern touch in craftsmanship. Its distinctive design features silver chains and tassels adorned with tiny pearls that shimmer softly, while creating an effect through the essence of light dancing in its weave.

Heritage and New Spirit

The beauty of Yi ethnic jewelry lies in its craftsmanship in shapes and patterns. As seasons change, the dedication to the fusion of new spirit and heritage is set in our designs. Our geometric earrings transform complexity into eye-catching simplicity, where solid contours stay true to authentic craftsmanship. Our signature creations, featuring pierced silver pearls that dangle elegantly, are more than just adornments; they represent the deep connection between individuals and their origins, while also celebrating the adventures that lie beyond familiar horizons.

Find our new collection in selected stores and online. 

Photographer: Alex Huanfa Cheng / Photo Assistant: Luo Ye / Model: Larissa Schumacher / Stylist: Dimitri Riviere / Makeup: Yvane Rocher / Hairstylist: Andrea Idini 

Written by Soft Mountains Team


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