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Ode to the Roots - Jewelry Code

The most seductive thing in existence is the beauty beneath the surface. Soft Mountains stems from a deep love for heritage, craftsmanship as well as nature.

We are proud of our Nuosu heritage as well as its aesthetics and seek to find a fine balance between the past and the future by working directly with our indigenous master artisans in order to stay true to our roots.

Halo earring

This style of bead is a powerful motif in Nuosu culture spreading luck and wisdom. When Nuosu women got married, they wore a long chain of these beads given by our grandmother to say best wishes to the new generation. The contemporary simplicity of the halo earring’s design take these lucky Nuosu beads with us wherever we go.

Star earrings

For Nuosu people, we are the children of nature. And nature plays a big role in our culture and life. In Nuosu culture, this cross-shape represents the stars in the sky. Our ancestors developed a system of astronomy and they used to tell the time of year by star constellations. They’d organized their lives around it, planning journeys to visit relatives when the moonlight shone brightest. These shiny nights would be when uncles and brothers would disappear into the mountains on long hunting trips.

Deep sea earrings

The chain represents the strength and elegance of Nuosu women. It’s heavy, difficult to break yet sways with a captivating grace. These earrings capture this strength but also combine it with a marine motif. Coral and shells traded along the Silk Road have always been treasured by Nuosu people. Pearls provide a sustainable alternative that offers a softness to the hardness of the chain.

Hourglass earrings

These earrings were inspired by the buttons traditionally worn by Nuosu men and women.  The spiral motifs represent the curled fronds of fresh young ferns, which our brothers and us would harvest to eat as children. Ferns are an ancient plant and variations of this design have been used by Nuosu artisans for hundreds of years.

LOVE double chain necklace

The flat chain design is unique in Nuosu region, women usually worn from ear to ear traditionally. The symmetry and cleanness gives it a contemporary feel. In the old days, our mums always wore this flat chain, that is why we name the new double chain necklace ‘LOVE’ to ode our eternal gentlewomen.

Mercy body chain

Nuosu prefer the body jewelry both for men and women. They like wearing the body jewelry at ceremonies. The body jewelry was made of precious materials like coral, shell and sterling silver in previous time. The Mercy body chain has various kinds of ways to wrap and match, for the sustainability sake, we use cultured pearl to replace the traditional materials for more playful and modern options. 





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